An Open Letter to Leaders

My guess is that if you are a leader you experience situations and relationships that cause you to ask questions that wreck you on the inside.  Personally, I continue to be challenged by the questions of “who is leading our leaders” and “how well are they doing?”  I remember a statement by Bill Hybels years ago at one of the first Leadership Summit’s I ever attended where he said, “When a leader gets better, everyone and everything around them gets better!”  I think all of us would agree with that statement, but what exactly are we doing to get better?

In my journey of personal growth and leadership development, I have discovered that many leaders are intellectually “solid”, but many lack the emotional intelligence and relational skills to effectively “lift the lid” on their leadership potential.  Leadership is holistic and not compartmentalized.  We need to be sharp intellectually and emotionally if we are going to succeed.

I have had the privilege of being introduced to Dr. John Townsend’s model of leadership through my participation in the Ultimate Leadership Workshop in 2013 and the Townsend Leadership Program in 2014.  My involvement with these programs has taken my personal and professional leadership to a new level and I know my “sphere of influence” has been positively impacted.  I am a leader who wants to “sprint across the finish line” and not crawl there.  I want to impact and be impacted by leaders who will influence others.

If you are like me and hunger for personal and professional growth, then I would like to extend an opportunity to interview to become a member of my Billings TLP group.

I hope you will join me in seeking to be and do better in our leadership together!