Executive & Leadership Coaching / Consulting

All leaders are in pursuit of excellence for themselves and the organizations they lead or help lead. What most leaders fail to realize is that achieving excellence is not a solo ascent. Leaders need others “in their corner” to help them navigate the challenges they face in their role. Managing, inspiring, delegating and achieving are skills best acquired with the help of a trainer who understands your challenges and who can bring another perspective to those inevitable challenges.

Jeff Carroll is a certified Townsend Leadership Coach who can help you build your traditional business skills along with the people tools to help you achieve the excellence you are pursuing.  The whole leader approach or the competence + character model, developed by Dr. John Townsend, is what Jeff brings to the table. His experience in building teams throughout his coaching career will help you experience personal and organizational success.

What you get with Townsend Leadership Coaching:

  • Improved work performance.
  • Enhanced skills, clarity, and growth.
  • Empowerment to take action out of your core values and organizational values.
  • Increased awareness of the impact your leadership performance has on others.
  • Heightened adaptability, so you can excel in fluid environments.

Townsend Organizational Consulting

The vision of Townsend Organizational Consulting is to produce significant and measurable gains for you and your organization.

What you get with Townsend Organizational Consulting:

  • Create alignment of your teams to your company’s mission and values.
  • Develop motivated, high-capacity teams that can perform in changing environments.
  • Quickly resolve conflict between and within teams.
  • Foster constructive and effective communication.
  • Build a healthy culture where personal, professional, and organizational goals are consistently met.