Testimonials | Coach Jeff Carroll

    Whoever becomes a part of Jeff’s TLP team will be glad they did. He is highly result-oriented and skilled at developing people. With a 30 year career in coaching under his belt, he adds to that expertise, a keen insight into what makes leaders tick, and what it takes to get them to the next level. Jeff is an alum of TLP himself, and knows the program intimately. Jeff is easy to connect with, and his warmth works well with his abilities.

    John Townsend
    Founder, Townsend Leadership Program

        Jeff is a winning athletic coach, and a gifted leadership trainer who cares deeply about people's growth. What sets him apart, in my opinion, is his hunger for learning - Jeff reads more books on leadership and growth than any client I have ever worked with! Even more important is his willingness to engage in his own growth work. He stands by the term 'you can only lead people as far as you have come.' He holds himself to the same standards to which he holds others. If Jeff is your coach, you will discover he's tough, he's committed, and he will not back down in getting the very best out of you!"

        Elaine Morris
        Executive coach, Townsend Leadership Program Executive Director

            I am grateful for Jeff’s professional guidance and conversations on leadership. What I appreciate most is the impressive way he shares his passion and expertise with me. I have taken his knowledge and reflected on my own leadership skills and it has raised my potential as a school leader.

            Shelli Strouf
            Assistant Principal, Billings Senior High School

                In all the years I have worked with people in my own pastoral leadership role, Jeff Carroll is an all-star standout in the field of understanding and implementing the logic, intuition and mechanics of dynamic leadership. The man has literally devoured and absorbed wisdom, technique and vision from some of the greatest teachings available on successful 21st century leadership.

                In his career role as educator / head coach, Jeff has gone well beyond the highest levels of demonstrated performance in wins and championships; he has brought team members, coaches, colleagues, friends, interested students and others to new and better ways of structuring life, overcoming challenges, and making a difference with the tools they have - and acquisition of the tools they need. If it’s fresh vision, effectiveness, focus, achievement and enhanced purpose you’re striving for, Jeff Carroll is the man to help get you to the next great place of your personal and professional potential.

                Rob Griggs
                Associate Pastor, Word of Life Fellowship

                    TLP has had a great impact on my life. It has provided the growth necessary for me to have the courage to travel overseas to teach pastors how to lead with relational connections. The TLP process and materials are top notched, and Jeff Carroll has been the perfect coach to take me to another level of leadership. Because of Jeff and TLP, I am on a path of continual growth.

                    Jim Haw

                        I have been involved with TLP for four years now and I continue to be in awe at what I learn about myself as a leader and more importantly as an individual who God wants to use in deeper, meaningful relationships with others.

                        I have gained confidence, communication skills that enhance my relationships, and a better understanding to what processing situations is all about. Or as I say, it’s not about “surface talk”, lets get to the root of the problem!

                        TLP has changed my life, deepened my relationship with my husband, friends and family. I highly recommend it for everyone! So thankful that Jeff pursued me and encouraged me to join!

                        Carol Kuhns