Have You Reached your potential?

Jeff can help you discover the missing pieces that are holding you back

You are already a leader with influence and impact...
But you know you have more to do. More to give.

You have already had some success.
People can see that a lot of things are working well for you.
But you know there are some gaps...

TLP is for you if you're ready to do the work, close the gaps, and level up.
TLP combines 1 on 1 coaching with work and process groups alongside other high level leaders. Monthly video teaching from renowned psychologist and business consultant, Dr. John Townsend is also a part of the TLP experience. It is a monthly year long program with a group of other like-minded leaders who are committed to sharpening their leadership edge along with you.

Is TLP Right for you?

TLP is for you if you're ready to do the work, close the gaps, and level up.

Regardless of your role in your organization, you have been tasked to make your corner of that organization the best it can be. That task is impossible unless you, as a leader, are the best you can be. The Townsend Leadership Program was created for those leaders who want and need to be nudged out of their comfort zones, are not satisfied with yesterday's answers for today's problems and want to be better at turning chaos into order!

The best leaders today are leaders who understand they need constant retuning and refining of their two most important skill sets, task tools and people tools. Most leaders excel in one to the exclusion of the other resulting in less than optimal effectiveness.

The Townsend Leadership Program integrates the necessary business foundations a leader needs to succeed with the relational skills necessary to effectively lead themselves and others.

Townsend Leadership Program

Sustainable and innovative solutions and new ways to succeed

Dr. John Townsend, best selling author and leadership expert, designed the TLP as a highly effective way to help business professionals to achieve the outcomes they desire in leadership as well as to overcome obstacles which may be preventing them from realizing their full potential. With our Competence Character Leadership model, you’ll learn how to focus on strategy and goals while cultivating high emotional intelligence to help grow a successful business. The Leader’s Path to Growth is a framework that highlights how the fruit of your success in your personal and professional life stems from roots of grace, truth, and time. With these models, you gain the benefits of integrated leadership growth while experiencing personal support from your TLP group.

TLP Program Details

Leaders are always looking for an “edge” that will allow them to succeed personally and professionally

Licensed Townsend Leadership Program Director, Jeff Carroll, will help you discover that “edge” by helping you discover the “missing pieces” that hold you back from reaching your potential!

Stretch goals are the heart of the Townsend Leadership Program. Your Director and Team Members will help you set and conquer three big-picture goals that are the most important to you, and impact your leadership, your organization, your vision for the future and help you in the current opportunities and challenges you face.

      7:30 am – 5 pm followed by an optional social hour from 5-6 pm, in which spouses and/or colleagues are invited.

          Each member has an opportunity to have one monthly 50-minute face to face (or by phone) meeting with Jeff to continue the growth trends identified in the daylong sessions. Additional sessions are available upon request.

              John via video and Jeff then delivers 1-hour leadership training on a critical aspect of leadership and one’s personal life, strengths, and challenges. All didactics are designed by Dr. John Townsend and address time-tested cutting-edge concepts and skills where team members take notes, ask questions and interact with the material. Recordings are provided for members and stored on a shared DropBox so the material can be reviewed again later.

                  Leaders tend to live in a somewhat isolated world, or one surrounded by others who are dependent on them for vision, clarity, and support. Many leaders have no context in which they interact personally with other high-capacity individuals who understand their experiences, and who can help them navigate life and business. Process Group is a supportive, safe and confidential group setting in which leaders are able to unpack themselves, their work and personal challenges, and get input, clarity, and solutions from Jeff personally, as well as from the group. There are two 90 minute Process Groups during the day, one in the morning after the didactic, and one in the afternoon after work group.

                      This is a session in which team members will present a key issue they are facing in their business or personal life. It is a technical part of the day. Members can present in the form of a PowerPoint, a handout, a flip chart, or any number of modalities. The member will go over targeted strengths, weaknesses, obstacles and threats. Once the presentation has been made, the team provides clarifying questions and recommendations for increased levels of professional or personal functioning and problem-solving. This is a high-value time, because of the varied experience bases and perspectives of the team members. Each member will have two opportunities to present during the year. There are two 45 minute Work Groups each month that take place right after lunch.

                          This is a key aspect of the program that takes place during the last 45 minutes of the day. Business leaders are busy people, and there is a tendency to leave a setting, and let life and its demands take over. This reduces the effectiveness of any training experience. To counter this tendency, each team member will craft a homework assignment tailored to his or her situation. The accountability of the homework helps break up the inertia of the month and provides actionable items that continue the growth and development process.